WebEDI Delivery Schedule Processing

Logistics solutions on-site or as a cloud service

Local and international competition is forcing companies to continuously improve their logistics processes. The WebEDI delivery schedule processing solution »Logistic Solution Professional« (LSP) from SEEBURGER offers a range of products designed to allow suppliers, customers and logistics providers to automate order and delivery processes in various industries (automotive, manufacturing, mechanical engineering etc.). 

As a central system LSP provides all required processes for schedule agreement fulfillment and logistics - standardized and across company borders. 
LSP combines electronic data interchange with business partners and the configurable process design based on partner profiles for all kind of schedule procedures in one solution.

This solution: 

  • Provides automated order and delivery processes
  • Meets all logistics requirements
  • Available in numerous languages and is multi-client capable
  • Minimizes manual efforts required when connecting with partners

Delivery schedule processing for suppliers (Sell Side)

This solution for suppliers and logistics service providers supports a widespread connectivity to customers with all the typical business processes that are common in combination with EDI. 

As succeeding product for the well proven WinVERA the »Supplier Solution Professional« combines more than 15 years of experience with up to date technologies and tailored functional extensions like


  • Complete order management and overview of fulfillment dates 
  • Inventory management
  • Assessment of demand
  • External logistics provider  process and LLZ
  • Container bookkeeping 
  • Accounting processes (invoice and credit note)
  • Comprehensive evaluations

Delivery schedule processing for customers (Buy Side)

The individual WebEDI portal Customer Solution Professional is designed for companies that  purchase goods from suppliers. Using this portal solution, you can integrate all suppliers that don’t have their own EDI system into your electronic data exchange and use uniform, standard processes and documents when dealing with all suppliers within this network. This covers standard business processes, and other processes such as:

  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)
  • Kanban processes
  • External logistics provider or 3PL (Third Party Logistics)
  • VW’s NLK (new logistics concept)
  • AUDI pearl chain
  • Other industry-specific processes

Also available as a cloud solution.


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