WebEDI Order Processing

The SEEBURGER WebEDI order processing solution is a cross-sector WebEDI portal for the retail ,manufacturing, automotive and consumer packaged goods industries. 

Many companies deal with a wide range of small suppliers, and because these small suppliers generally have no ERP system or EDI system, they often have to exchange documents by post or fax. This manual processing of documents can be  slow and costly, at times impacting the quality of service you provide to your customers.

This state-of-the-art solution from SEEBURGER enables the following standardized cross-company, document-based business processes to be carried out electronically:

  • Ordering
  • Order confirmation
  • Shipment notification
  • Receipt notification
  • Invoicing

This solution from enables partners without their own ERP system to be integrated online – thanks to EDI with 100% integration of suppliers and partners.


Cross-sector WebEDI portal for retail and industries

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