The SEEBURGER B2B-Cloud - the way towards EDI 4.0

Successful OFTP2 rollout - thanks to extensive self service capabilities for your partner.

Say goodbye to high project and operating costs while changing many partners to OFTP2! The SEEBURGER B2B Communication Cloud acts as a central communication service including a (managed) self-service portal.

In the webcast, we will present you the service in a short live demo so that you can directly see the advantages.

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  • Detaily

    • TémaThe SEEBURGER B2B-Cloud - the way towards EDI 4.0

    • UdálostiŽivý přenos

    • Datum 07.11.17

    • Čas 16:00 - 16:45 (UTC/GMT+1)

    • Místo online

    • Řeč English



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