SEEBURGER BIS – Your Comprehensive Platform for Digital Transformation

SEEBURGER BIS – Your Comprehensive Platform for Digital Transformation

The platform for all types of integration scenarios: MFT, API/EAI, B2B/EDI, IoT/Ind.4.0, E-Invoicing and ERP/SAP-Integration on a central platform: Made by SEEBURGER. Made in Germany.
SEEBURGER Cloud Services

SEEBURGER Cloud Services

React flexibly, quickly and innovatively to new digital challenges.
Gain agility and lower your investment cost by moving your digitalization project into the Cloud – partially or completely.
 API Management – Up-to-date Information – Anytime & Anywhere.

API Management – Up-to-date Information – Anytime & Anywhere.

API Integration and API Management
Open your company's systems to the outside world in a secure way and welcome new digital business – in real-time!

Real-Time Integration: Take on the challenges of Digitalization!
See the quality. See the security. See the dependability with BIS MFT Solutions

See the quality. See the security. See the dependability with BIS MFT

It's time to make the switch to a fully-integrated solution that's not only completely secure, but as simple as pressing a single button in your existing email client.
BIS B2B Business Integration »Ready-to-Run«!

BIS B2B Business Integration »Ready-to-Run«!

German-engineered holistic B2B industry solutions:
30 years of industry experience bundled into
preconfigured and standardized industry solutions.
Navigate seamless through Industry 4.0 Standards

Navigate seamless through Industry 4.0 Standards

Even when major changes occur forcing an Industry 4.0 environment–
Companies using SEEBURGER BIS IoT solution are fully capable to adjust to those changes. Quickly!

SEEBURGER – The Engine Driving Your Digital Transformation

Digital Change impacts companies to constantly design and implement new digital business models. Seamless integration and collaboration of all stakeholder is key for a healthy digital ecosystem.


Invest in innovative digital business processes by embracing the opportunities of digital change.


Cloud Services gives you the agility and speed needed to react precisely to new challenges of digitalization.


Preconfigured industry-specific solutions are the answer when your business departments urge for flexibility and reduced time-to-market.

Business Integration Suite (BIS)

Your central Platform for Digital Transformation

With SEEBURGER BIS you are cutting edge! Your advantage? Seamless integration of all your systems, applications, business partners and cloud services. Additionally you can access all your data anywhere in real-time, enabling higher revenue and profit in your firm’s core business.

  • MFT
    Secure transmission of sensitive data between systems and/or people
    Connect applications and Cloud-Services in real-time
  • B2B/EDI
    Exchange of business documents in accordance with industry standards
  • IoT/Industry 4.0
    Embed machinery, plants and products into business processes
  • E-Invoicing
    Digitalization of inbound and outbound invoices
    Connect any ERP system seamlessly, take advantage of our deep SAP Integration

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The Value of a Hybrid Integration Platform

With SEEBURGER you can deploy the solutions in the model that makes sense for your business: Cloud, On Premise, or Hybrid

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SEEBURGER Cloud Services

Flexible, fast and innovative

The SEEBURGER Cloud is our approach to connect your organization with your business partners in a fast and easy way. Lower your investment costs in moving all or part of your Digitalization requirements into the cloud.

SEEBURGER Cloud Services are completely based on SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite as technology base.

Benefit from our comprehensive full-service and avoid high costs and efforts to operate such solutions on premises. SEEBURGER Cloud Services you can book as needed and adjust to your individual requirements.

Cloud Services Overview

»Ready-to-Run« Business Integration for All Industries

Our preconfigured industry-specific solutions ensure a fast realization of your digitalization initiative

Industrial Machinery & Plant Engineering

Healthcare & Life Science

HighTech & Electronics


Start now with the Digital Transformation of your business!

Digital Change impacts companies to constantly design and implement new digital business models

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